Harmony Within
...unify the heart with the mind and embody your Soul's essence
Living Authentically Series:  Course 4 of 4 

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This course will lead you to greater harmony by first explaining how your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, and how dis-ease can manifest in your life, including in your body. Unifying the heart and mind are crucial to achieving a harmonious life.

Further, connecting with your inner self will deepen communication between the different parts of you. You'll gain insight into your real-self and your false-self, as well as how to transcend the needy energy of your false self. You will  also learn an important tool for releasing your needy energy in order to have forward movement in your life.

Your inner child also plays a key role in having a harmonious life and you will learn more about this role along with the role of the shadow and ego, as they pertain to happiness and harmony.

There is great importance in the benefits of speaking our truths – you will leave this course with a new viewpoint on truth that will lead you towards greater harmony within.

Invest in this course and you'll discover:
  • The gifts that are yours as you learn how to align your life with your true self
  • How to get all parts of you working together (there's a chance disease will manifest if this doesn't happen)
  • What it means to live life from your true seat of power
  • How all aspects of your life improve as the divine masculine and feminine begin to unify within you
  • 5 gateways to Harmonic Soul Resonance
  • How to live your highest and best life
  • What happens when the inner masculine and feminine are out of balance with each other (this teaching alone is worth the price of the course)
  • Two important keys for embodying your divine essence
  • How the upper and lower energy centers correspond to the masculine and feminine (this is the Law of Correspondence at play)
  • The deeper purpose of the Feminine and Masculine
  • Plus much, much more...
What You Get With This Course
✅  Over 10 hours of video course material to study from at your convenience

✅  A comprehensive workbook that will help you make profound discoveries about yourself that could likely change the trajectory of your life

✅  A guided, self-paced study system that's been specially designed to help you easily integrate everything you learn

✅  On demand, 24/7 access to all course materials anytime, any place!
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